The trip to Ta Cu Mountain Mui Ne, Vietnam

After spending some pleasant, relaxing at White Sands Beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam, we thought we needed some exercise. And what could be better than climbing a mountain when you get restless ?! We had read in travel blogs about this mountain of Ta Cu (or Takou) with a big Buddha, so we booked a taxi and went inland to the mountain.


Well, taxi and taxi, it was actually a rusty ramshackle open jeep! The guide turned out to be a complete nightmare in the crazy traffic of Vietnam! The seats were terribly hard, and the sound of all the honking cars were so bad we couldn’t even talk, think or anything! It was a journey by car from hell.


Well, fortunately we survived about an hour of driving, and we were really happy to get to the foot of Mount Ta Cu. There is a cable car up the mountain, taking only 10 minutes. But we, being ‘Vikings’, obviously had to take the “hard” road, walking through the jungle path.
They stopped maintaining the path after building the cable car, so in some places the jungle took over. The path was mostly easy to walk on and still in good condition, but in some places it was a bit difficult to cross the jungle.


After about an hour of walking, we finally reached the top! And what a beautiful view!
From above, there was a way for the Buddhas. Everything looked very new, but there were very few people there except us.



The lying white Buddha Thich Ca Nhap Niet Ban (Buddha entering Nirvana) was extraordinarily huge! At 59 meters long and 18 meters high, it is the largest Buddha in Vietnam! And bright white.

Initially we thought it was made with a giant white stone or marble, and that they were completely blown away by sight. But then they told us that it is actually made of concrete and painted white. Well, it’s still awesome!
After the exhausting climb, we decided to get off the cable car.

Our climb to Ta Cu – Mui Ne and the giant Buddha was definitely worth it, and it was kind of a little adventure for us with the jungle walk! It was really impressive to see the Buddha 59 meters long in the middle of the jungle. It is even larger than the famous reclining Buddha in Bangkok. That it turned out that the Buddha was not made of marble, but of concrete and painted white was a bit disappointing, but it is still impressive.

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