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Located in the far north of Vietnam, Cao Bang is not known for its many facilities such as spas, restaurants or hotels. As a result, it can be difficult for travelers to find good restaurants for dinner. Do not worry, I have listed below the most popular restaurants in this city that will offer a great meal with your friends and family.

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La Co Xanh Restaurant

the best restaurants in cao bang

La Co Xanh restaurant specializes in forest and sea specialties. With a spacious dining room, it is a great place to hold banquets, conferences, parties, birthdays and family reunions. At La Coc Xanh restaurant, attractive dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients. And even though the ingredients are impressive, the quality can be attributed to the professional chefs. Thanks to this, the dishes are cleverly and subtly treated to satisfy the customers.
Visit the La Co Xanh restaurant and you will be served in a large space, with an exquisite cuisine style and attentive service. In general, the price is quite cheap compared to other places, but as the restaurant is always crowded, you have to wait a moment to be served. Do not forget to book a table in advance if you are leaving with a large group.

Address: Group 10, Song Hien District, Cao Bang Town, Cao Bang Province
Price: 100,000 – 500,000 VND
Contact: +84 263 859 958

Pedro’s Pizza Restaurant

where to eat in cao bang

You wonder about the fact that I recommend a pizzeria in Vietnam? Believe me, try this place. Located in the small town of Cao Bang, the Pedro’s Pizza restaurant has captured the hearts of many travelers. The pizzas have a delicious thin crust, mouth-watering toppings and a good salad.
If you think you have eaten enough Vietnamese and Asian food during your trip, Pedro’s Pizza Restaurant will serve you European-style pizza, considered one of the best pizza restaurants in Vietnam. For many visitors, they were very surprised to find such a good pizza restaurant in the highlands of northern Vietnam, like Cao Bang. You should therefore consider eating pizzas in this area of ​​Pedro’s Pizza when you think about where to eat.

Address: 273 Bang Giang Street, Hop Giang District, Cao Bang Town, Cao Bang Province
Price: 170 000 – 250 000 VND
Contact: +84 263 952 898

Moc Quan Restaurant

cao bang restaurants

Because the Moc Quan restaurant has a small space, you will certainly feel comfortable and warm by sitting down for a nice meal. The main dishes served by Moc Quan are sticky rice and porridge in a small earthenware pot. You can also complement your food with smoothies and soy milk that arrive at your table in pretty bottles.
The owner of Moc Quan is very friendly and attentive. It makes the place as clean and peaceful as possible. The main hall of Moc Quan has two large tables for groups and many small tables for singles or couples. Chefs know how to treat you well and many travelers have left good comments on tasty food. It’s a great place for a cozy dinner with your friends and family after a day of exploring Cao Bang.

Address: 52 Hien Giang Street, Hop Giang District, Cao Bang Town, Cao Bang Province
Price: 50 000 – 200 000 VND
Contact: +84 913 279 198

Restaurant 34 Nga Luong

This restaurant is an event center where you can reserve a room to hold events, ceremonies and parties, but you can also prepare an excellent meal. Note that if it is a Vietnamese-style event center, its configuration may seem a little unknown, but do not worry. It is a great place to have a meal and see the locals having fun. In addition, you will receive professional service with many delicious dishes.

Nga Luong Restaurant offers a varied menu with many Cao Bang specialties, such as roast duck with seven flavors, spring rolls and seafood. Although it is a standard four-star restaurant With professional chefs and passionate waiters, you will find that the price here is very reasonable. Besides the delicious dishes, I recommend trying the Nga Luong restaurant cocktail.

Address: No. 001, Group 11, Song Hien District, Cao Bang Town, Cao Bang Province
Price: 50 000 – 500 000 VND
Contact: +84 396 836 389

Quyen Restaurant for Pho Chua

cao bang food

When you visit Cao Bang, you should not miss the local specialty, pho chua, which means tangy rice noodles or pho pho. And yes, you’re right, this dish was innovated from the famous dish of Vietnamese pho cuisine. While the original pho base is a beef soup, pho chua is a dish of dry noodles with a unique sour dough of vinegar and lemon juice.
The toppings vary, you can expect beef, pork, shrimp, pork liver and even tripe. This dish is often accompanied by a small bowl of broth. The Quyen restaurant is small and specializes only in pho chua. It is preferred by many citizens of Cao Bang. With just a bowl of pho chua, I guarantee you will leave satisfied and happy.

Address: 5 Hien Giang Street, Hop Giang District, Cao Bang Town, Cao Bang Province
Price: 30 000 – 50 000 VND
Contact: +84 169 770 3828

Dan Toc Quan Restaurant

Dan Toc Quan Restaurant is designed in the architectural style characteristic of the ethnic minorities of northern Vietnam. When you enter, you will see a painted brick wall with a large image of a simple ethnic woman. The tables, chairs and other items in the restaurant are made of wood and bamboo.

Dan Toc Quan Restaurant serves dishes you can not find in urban areas, such as delicious grilled fish, roast duck with seven flavors and com lam (bamboo tube rice). In addition, Dan Toc Quan also offers a sweet soup to help refresh your body. The food is presented on a flat bamboo basket.

Address: 3/10 Na Can Street, Cao Bang Town, Cao Bang Province
Price: 100,000 – 300,000 VND
Contact: +84 263 850 878

Ngoc Quan Restaurant for Banh Cuon

vietnamese food cao bang
Banh cuon Cao Bang is prepared by cleverly packing the inner section of minced pork and mushrooms with rice paper. While the usual banh cuon is enjoyed with a mixed fish sauce, the banh cuon Cao Bang is served with a broth of bone. Banh cuon Cao Bang is also different from other types of banh cuon because of the way you eat it. Once the cake is prepared, the cook will add a little chopped meat, roll it and serve with a bowl of bone broth. Then a combination of onion and coriander completes the dish with a piece of hot pork leg wrapped in banana leaves.

Co Hai Restaurant is famous for its Cao Bang banh cuon, popular with locals and tourists alike. If you go to Cao Bang and want to create your own gourmet tour, the banh cuon at Co Hai restaurant can not be ignored.

Address: Hoang Ding Giong Street, Cao Bang Town, Cao Bang Province
Price: 20 000 – 50 000 VND

Nga Ba Song Restaurant

vietnamese food cao bang
Nga Ba Song Restaurant is located on the bank of the Bang River, making it a fresh and comfortable dining experience. You must absolutely try the famous hot pot of fish here. The fish pot in Nga Ba Song is made from fresh fish and cooked according to a special recipe. If you’re not fond of fondue, fish dishes such as grilled fish, fried fish and fish salad are also very delicious.

If you want to have a good evening and enjoy the perfect fish dishes, go to the Nga Ba Song restaurant .

Address: Pac Po Street, Ngoc Xuan District, Cao Bang Town, Cao Bang Province
Price: 100,000 – 500,000 VND
Contact: +84 263 856 913

Steakhouse Than Hoa

Cao Bang is a mountainous region of northern Vietnam. It is very cold at night, especially in winter. That’s why enjoying a delicious barbecue with a hot oven is an excellent dinner. The Thanha barbecue restaurant with non-smoker grills will meet your needs.

With a dedicated and attentive staff, which is important in a barbecue restaurant, this is a warm space that you must bring with your family and friends to enjoy an excellent dinner. The eaters come to the Than Chau barbecue for their marinated recipes and I’m sure you’ll like it too.

Address: 52-54, Group 19, Song Hien District, Cao Bang Town, Cao Bang Province
Price: 100,000 – 500,000 VND
Contact: +84 916 520 983

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