I love Boston – and not just because I was born there.

There are tons of free things to do in Boston, enough to entertain every visitor thoroughly. It is also a historic city whose success (and survival) was linked to the very existence of America itself.

With such historical significance, it should not be surprising that I have always found the city fascinating (I studied history in college after all).

The roots of Boston date back to the 17th century, when it was founded by Puritan settlers from Europe. It was a devout settlement, with the forced presence of the church and marriage (the persecution of sinners was equally applied).


the downtown skyline of Boston, Massachusetts

The city was home to one of the first schools in America, as well as the very first college: Harvard. The settlement grew in importance, with its most significant role during the American revolution.

No single blog post can make Boston – and its complex and important story – justice. For this, you must visit!

To help you make the most of your next trip to “Beantown”, I put together this list of the best walking tours, food and photography. Boston hosts thousands of fantastic free and paid walking tours that will give you a much better overview of the city and its historical contributions to modern America.

Whether you are a budget backpacker who wants to learn something new or a history buff who is ready to test your specialist knowledge, Boston will do a walking tour for you!

The best free walking tours in Boston

1. Free walking tours

Free walking tours is one of the biggest and best free walking tours out there. I have been on their walking tours around the world and always came back after learning something new. They have more than half a dozen tours around Boston, although I think the Freedom Trail tour is the best starting point. If you’re looking for something more unique, be sure to check out the Beacon Hill Cruise tour!

2. My City GPS

If you prefer to do a self-guided tour in your free time, this app is a great resource and will help you explore the city at your leisure. More than a dozen different routes are available and you can combine all the destinations to make your tour. This is a good option if you don’t want to engage in a three-hour walking tour but still want to see some of the places.

the skyline of Boston at night

3. Sam Adams Brewery Tour

If you are the type of traveler who is often thirsty on your tours, then this could be the one for you! The Sam Adams brewery has a free tour of its famous brewery and includes some samples to satisfy your thirst (you must be over 21). The tour is offered every day and fills up quickly, so be sure to arrive early as there is often a wait (especially on weekends).

30 Germany St. Tours occur approximately every 40 minutes from 10:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Thursday, from 10:00 to 17:30 on Friday and from 10:00 to 15:00 on Saturday.

4. Tour of the State House

The Massachusetts State House, home to the governor and government of Massachusetts, organizes free visits during the week. You can take a guided tour or take a self-guided tour if you prefer to go alone. Tours last from 30 to 45 minutes. You will learn about the building, which was built in 1798 and went beyond the budget, as well as the state government. If you are a fan of architecture or politics, this short but informative tour deserves to be seen.

24 Beacon St. Tours are available Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 15:30. To arrange a free tour, call +1 617-727-3676.

5. Self-guided tour of the Freedom Trail

For a self-guided tour of the Freedom Trail, use this free map. It has all the main sites and some suggested itineraries based on the time you want to spend visiting the city. If you are looking for a simple self-guided option that covers all the main historical sites, look no further!

The best walking tours in Boston

6. Travel in context

The context is one of my favorite companies for walking tours. It offers a complete history, food and cultural tours in cities around the world – including Boston! There are over a dozen private city tours, and while they are not cheap, they are worth every penny. All their guides are experts in their respective fields, which means that all your questions will be answered. If you are looking for a serious and professional tour, this is it. Tours from $ 85 USD per person.

7. Historical tours of Cambridge

Cambridge Historical Tours has a great job in merging strictly researched history and humor, creating a fun and informative tour for all ages. They have some different walks worth checking out, including the Freedom Trail tour and the evening Ghost Tour. Prices are reasonable (especially if you’re a group) and their costumed guides are top notch. $ 20 USD tour per person.

8. Intrepid urban adventures

Urban Adventures is a subsidiary of Intrepid Travel, my reference company for multi-day excursions. Their Urban Adventures division organizes tours in nearly 100 countries around the world, including some fun tours in Boston.

They have both historical and gastronomic tours (besides the one that combines both), although I think the most interesting is the Bowling and Bites tour, a journey into food through East Boston that ends in bowling and billiards! Tours from $ 46 USD per person.

9. Boston bites

Bites of Boston offers three different gastronomic tours in the city, each in a distinct neighborhood. Each one lasts a few hours, offering you a good variety of culture and food from some of the city’s best restaurants. Tours from $ 65 USD per person.

10. PhotoWalks tour

If you are a shutter that tries to take some pictures, this is the tour for you. PhotoWalks Tours offers half a dozen different photo tours around Boston, highlighting the most deserving shots the city has to offer. Tours are available throughout the year and allow you to embrace the colors of each season. Tours from $ 40 USD per person.

11. On Location Tours

This is the perfect tour for movie fans. On Location Tours will take you to all major movie locations from popular movies and TV shows shot in Boston, including The Departed, Good Will Hunting, Amistad and Cheers. Tours from $ 31 USD per person. Check their schedule for availability as the tours only take place between April and October.

12. Boston Pizza Tours

Boston Pizza Tours organizes two tasty tours that will take you around the city to taste the best cakes in Boston. The historic tavern tour goes a step further, taking you to some of the oldest taverns in the city – as well as the oldest tavern in the country! The best part? You’ll enjoy a slice and a pint in the same taverns of Paul Revere and Sam Adams! Tours from $ 44 USD per person.

13. City wine tours

This wine tour combines the best wines Boston has to offer with delicious food in some of the city’s best restaurants. They have tours to different neighborhoods and you can also book tours and private events if you are looking for something special. Tours from $ 75 USD per person.

14. Tour of the brands

Trademark Tours organized a large Harvard tour (led by Harvard students), as well as those from MIT (led by MIT students) and the Freedom Trail. They are much cheaper than other companies, making this option an intermediate option for anyone with a budget (as well as for families). $ 12 USD tour per person.

15. Boston on foot

Boston By Foot is a local non-profit organization that organizes historical tours around the city. They have nearly two dozen tours and events on offer, from the classic Freedom Trail to literary tours to river cruises that focus on city architecture. The tours are run by well-trained and well-informed local volunteers about the city and its past. Tours start at $ 13 USD per person.
Whether you are a history buff, a gourmet or someone who simply seeks to explore one of America’s best cities, Boston will organize a walking tour to suit your needs, regardless of your budget!

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