Best romantic restaurant in Hanoi – Opera Garden Restaurant

Love is strange, when people fall in love, they just want to give the best for their partner. We have seen a lot of scenes in the romantic movies which feature romantic moments of couple, like dinner at a restaurant under Eiffel Tower, then together walking along the Seine River. That moment far becomes a relationship’s goal for every girl who is in love.

Indeed, not only France can we enjoy a romantic night with him or her, but right in the heart of Hanoi, on bustling Trang Tien street, you are able to find a restaurant which is romantic enough to relish your night, it’s Opera Garden Restaurant.

Located on Trang Tien Street, 2-minute walk from Opera House, Opera Garden Restaurant is like a love song for lovers. If the boys are planning to take her to a meal at a romantic restaurant in Hanoi, don’t miss Opera Garden Restaurant at No 6 Trang Tien Street.

Romantic ambiance

Idealistic of Indochine architecture

The overall architecture of Opera Garden Restaurant is not floridness, just combining verdant color of trees with the white wall. However, it creates ethereal vibes, luxurious toward the simple but elegant.

A shimmering interior opens up your eyes when you first stepping into the restaurant. Away from the hustle of the lavish Trang Tien Street, Opera Garden Restaurant is a quiet restaurant in Hanoi. Inspired by the glory of Indochine architecture, but the owner of this Vietnamese restaurant does not impose the design of this type but modified with Western standards, creating modern yet nostalgic feeling. Perhaps, this will be the right choice for romantic souls who love the simplicity but sophistication, tradition and modernity.

Best dating restaurant in Hanoi

Listed as one of the best romantic restaurants for couples in Hanoi, Opera Garden Restaurant is an ideal destination for every weekend dating. Under the melodious jazz background accompanied by fragrant bouquets of flowers will be a great gift for her on the special anniversary.

Cuisine: Fusion food and Vietnamese dishes

Besides the romantic atmosphere, the cuisine at Opera Garden restaurant is famous for its meticulous and harmonious. Each dish here contains the creativity of the cook. Each leaf of green vegetables, pieces of meat are fresh ingredients and carefully selected.

This romantic restaurant in Hanoi opens from 11:00 AM till 22:00 PM. Furthermore, restaurant also has some menu set for travel group. On Valentine, Christmas, Lunar New Year,… Opera Garden will come up with a new menu set only for those special occasions.

You and she will be over the moon when together having a meal at Opera Garden Restaurant, enjoy a glass ò wine with premium dishes. Certainly, she will fall in your arms when being taken to a romantic place like Opera Garden.

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