Beautiful Hoi An and Hue Review

Now that I’m in the middle of the tourist route, the Vietnam adventure continues to improve. After a fabulous spell on Nha Trang beach, it was time to keep rolling. Although the famous tourist resort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, it is surprising how much travel to reach Cam Ranh airport. Sure it’s a geography accident, but a taxi ride from Nha Trang is about 50 kilometers from the city, including having to sail on a winding hill. But once travelers arrive at the clean and modern airport, it’s easy to get out under the luxury air conditioning. The Vietjet airlines carried out the check-in and the next flight proved to be smooth, and in a short time you landed in the beautiful Hoi An. As discussed in the previous blog, I would never have thought of a long and cramped bus trip to Vietnam, so some money spent on airline tickets was the least of my worries..

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And so here I am in Hoi An, where I will base myself for the rest of the journey. Although I visited 20 years ago, I have no real memory of the city, and I can’t recover any photos so the experience seems brand new. Once again I chose to stay close to the beach, and checked in at a hostel with a super friendly staff that was loaded with friendly guests and less than 100 meters from Ha My beach. I downloaded the bags and decided to go to the beach in the late afternoon. This was the first time in my travels that I remember having the chance to swim and sunbake in two different cities on the same day; bumming around the beach of Nha Trang in the morning and Hoi An in the afternoon. I returned that evening to taste Cau Lau, a traditional pork noodle dish and Hoi An cuisine specialties. The kitchen staff did a great job of making this delicious dish. Fortunately, a French guy had already booked a day trip to Hue the next day, and I jumped at the chance to join the adventure.

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We woke up early the next morning, and the driver was taken at 8:00 in a new Kia with a nice air conditioner. The journey to Hue includes a ride through Hai Van, Lovely Hoi An which offers magnificent views of the coast looking back on Hoi An, and looking ahead towards Hue. The pass is a very popular tourist destination in its own right, and would be super fun on a motorcycle. But on a hot, steaming day I was grateful to be in a car with an air-conditioned elbow. We arrived in Hue before noon, and the driver took us to the Imperial City with 3 hours to explore. I had the experience and took lots of photos and videos of the magnificent structures within the ancient city. There are also other ancient monuments nearby to make a day in the beautiful ancient city unforgettable. The complexes are beautifully maintained and panoramic, almost unbelievable. We returned from Hoi An beach around 17:00 after an exciting day of exploration.
A friend from school followed my trip on Facebook and put me in touch with his cousin who runs business and lives in Hoi An. This chance meeting was the catalyst for an unforgettable moment in the beautiful city of Hoi An. I decided to move an accommodation, since I slept in my dorm, and I grew up in my room in a nearby house for the rest of the visit. My partner’s cousin was put in touch and we met for lunch, where I met his Vietnamese partner and a dear friend in a superb restaurant. I was in heaven as we sat next to a fan for an afternoon of fine dining and beers during a pleasant conversation. My glorious, and without hesitation delivered his motion to use for the rest of the journey. The generosity of a man I just met is overwhelming and I feel very lucky. That evening I went for a first exploration of the historic center of Hoi An and an absolute knockout. The colorful buildings of the UNESCO are multicolored on the river are a sublime spectacle, and the place is positively relieved by tourists after sunset. The following day the city rained a flood all day, but I still managed to ride to explore the old city during the day.

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Over the course of the following days my routine included the beach in the morning, reaching my guest during long and pleasant lunches in the city, and further exploration of the old town after dark. It was a perfect combination for a week in the city. I went to explore Hot Chili, my new friend, in the center of the old town, and I also visited the factory where his team prints fresh clothes for sale. And what can I say about Hoi An’s food, except to exclaim that it’s simply delicious! The highlight of the trip is the Green Chili restaurant in the city center, where the master chef Nando served us meals on par with the gastronomic delights I tasted everywhere. To commemorate my visit, Nando prepared a tasting delight on the last day of the city that will live in my memory. My friend organized a driver while I was on my way to Danang and wanted to do one day by visiting the Sunworld cable car complex less than 20 kilometers from the city. I was able to enjoy the ocean that morning and the driver was waiting at the hotel before noon. We headed to Sunworld, at the foot of the Bana hills, and now the most popular tourist destination in Vietnam. To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed by the huge crowd in the parking lot and at the entrance of the complex. Despite three distinct cable car destinations, I managed to amaze along the climb up to the Bana Hills to the Golden Bridge; to enjoy the new must see tourist destination in Vietnam. The beautiful golden bridge curves, and is apparently supported by giant hands. It is completely crowded with tourists, but I managed to get fantastic shots and shots, and simply loved the wonderful tourist attraction. I met the driver at the appointed time, despite the masses of people, cars and tour buses for the trip to the city of Danang.

My night in the hectic Da Nang began with a return to a centrally located hostel. Fortunately, the visit coincided with a large fireworks display scheduled for that evening. The hostel staff gave me good oil in the best position to see the fireworks on the river, and despite the huge crowd I had fantastic shots with the local crowds and oohing on the river bridge. What a perfect ending for three wonderful weeks in Vietnam. The next morning I was on a sparrow for a domestic flight to the city of Ho Chi Minh, where I relaxed and recollected during the journey before a night flight to Sydney. It’s been 20 years since my last visit to Vietnam and clearly some things will never change, practically all of you should be here now!

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